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The High Performance Hockey (HPH) Camps are elite hockey schools dedicated to providing children of all ages and ability the opportunity to have fun, compete and learn like the pros.

Over the past 15 years, we have built a staff of highly trained professionals, players and coaches to share their experiences and love of the game. We will give your child an unforgettable experience through specialized programs in a disciplined, yet friendly atmosphere.


We have implemented several unique learning concepts and conduct a comprehensive and innovative program to further develop on-ice skills and techniques. We provide quality leadership, professionalism, inspiration and education that allow our students to excel on the ice and achieve personal growth.


Your child will receive the superior instruction that you want and they deserve in an enjoyable setting. We care for every individual in the program and strive to leave him or her with life lessons that will help them to become better teammates and high character individuals both on and off the ice.


We encourage you to join us and look forward to working with your child and helping them develop like the pros!

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